Security Services

Agricultural Security Solutions

KAYU Security & Training uses cutting edge technology to identify, track, and prevent theft of agricultural equipment, chemicals, produce, water, and much more.

Executive / Corporate Asset Protection

KAYU Security & Training provides experienced professionals, who are highly trained to effectively provide asset protection. KAYU’s goal is to maximize your profit and performance of your organization, while our protection teams discourage potential threats, by detecting their intention to cause destruction, delaying their ability to act, and denying the ability to succeed.

Uniformed Protection Professionals

As a business owner the security and safety of you property, business, or event has a direct effect on your customers and employees experience or productivity.  Accurate documentation is critical for the safety and security concerns of your business. Our Uniformed Protections Professionals excel in observations, documenting, and addressing issues as they arise. KAYU Security & Training is well versed in public relations and our Uniformed Protection Professionals are a reflection of excellence in this field.

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